Roof-Pro Bespoke Solutions

Roof pro support systems


A design-led range of building services supports and access solutions that are tailored to individual project requirements. A 20 year warranty is available for Roof-Pro bespoke systems


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Key Features & Applications

  • Since 1995, Roof-Pro has specialised in the development and provision of a comprehensive range of free-standing, non-penetrative building services support solutions for flat roofs.
  • Our Technical Team will provide a complete design, tailored to individual project requirements, along with all supporting specification, CAD and product-specific documentation. A 20 Year warranty is available for projects subject to compliance with Roof-Pro's project specific spectification and installation recommendations.

Bespoke Solutions

  • Every Roof-Pro support and/or access solution meets the requirements of the specific roof structure of the project.
  • On-site factors such as roof finish, wind-load, space constraints and future maintenance requirements are taken into account when producing a bespoke design.
  • Roof-Pro systems also ensure that damaging design details to the roof’s waterproofing are avoided. 

Roof-Pro Design Service

  • Ensuring all key design criteria is considered within the Roof-Pro project specification, preventing future issues for the client and their roof space.
  • Dedicated Design Team responsible to optimise your support solution
  • Diverse product range addressing the variations in roof-mounted building services
  • On-site technical help from our team of Technical Sales Managers and Surveyors


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