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A versatile, simple and elegant solution for any roofing or cladding project

Airtile’s range of roof tiles and systems are 100% recyclable, lightweight made form high quality Aluzinc steel giving the products excellent and long lasting strength and peformance way above that of traditional materials.

A combination of its durability, maintenance-free attributes and quick, simple installation gives clients and customers added cost savings over the lifetime of a building.

Various styles and sizes are available.

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Key Features & Applications

  Various Colours Available:

lightweight metal roof tiles for flat and pitched roofs


  • British Board of Agreement certificate number 02/3917, Manufactured using ISO 9001 approved materials 
  • Manufactured to ISO 14001 standards

Technical Information:

  • Min. pitch: 10° - Max. pitch: 90°
  • Overall width: 1285mm - 1445mm
  • Cover width: 1248mm - 1325mm
  • Side lap: 60mm - 105mm

Batten gauge (0.45mm):

  • VILLA: 365mm, SLIM: 365mm, PROFILE: 365mm, SLATE: 369mm, PLAIN: 160mm

Featured Project

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