Armaseam Standing Seam



The Armaseam standing seam metal roofing system is maintenance free, totally weatherproof with no penetrative fixings and provides outstanding performance for the life of the building.


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Key Features & Applications

  • The Armaseam standing seam system is suitable for curved, pitched or virtually flat roofs
  • Warranted systems comprise precision roll-formed panels in a choice of metals
  • Fixing onto concealed halters avoids any penetration of the weathering surface
  • There is no reliance on wet jointing by mastics or sealants
  • The system is watertight but not airtight and allows breathability
  • Armaseam can be laid to falls down to 1.5 degrees, can be used vertically and can be laid on site to shallow curves without the need for mechanical curvature
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

Metals & Insulation

  • Armaseam’s primary material is aluminium which is offered in either plain or stucco embossed form but it is also available in copper, zinc and stainless steel
  • All material options can be provided in standard panel widths of 300mm and 400mm and can be supplied in different metal gauges to suit load spans and site conditions
  • Seam height is standard at 65mm
  • Insulation choice includes rock mineral wool, glass mineral wool, high density slab and phenolic foam to suit project requirements 

Installation & Maintenance

  • Installed by registered specialist contractors
  • Panels are roll formed on site or in the factory from continuous strip coil to any required length, without the need for end laps
  • After positioning, panels are mechanically seamed together onto secret fix clips to give an integral roof covering with no penetrative fixings or vulnerable joints
  • All material options are highly corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance free over the life of the building 

Featured Project

Smaralind Shopping MallSmaralind Shopping Mall

White House Works, Bold Road, Sutton, St Helens, Merseyside, WA9 4JG


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