BluRoof Stormwater Management

Green Roof and BluRoof Build Up


Alumasc BluRoof is a single source waterproofing and sustainable drainage solution which is covered by an Alumasc single point warranty.

Alumasc's proven knowledge and experience not only within the roofing industry but drainage also gives Alumasc a unique advantage by being able to provide all components involved in designing a successful blue roof from one, single source. This historic partnership between Alumasc Roofing and Drainage Divisions is, we believe, integral to the success of a roofing system of this nature and backed up by the single source warranty provides the customer with ultimate peace of mind.

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Key Features & Applications

sustainable blue roof drainage solution

  • Alumasc’s BluRoof stormwater management system provides managed roof attenuation options for a range of roof build-ups:

Warm Roof Solutions 

  • The dual-reinforced BluRoof built-up high performance membrane is specified as a fully bonded system, with extended and high-pressure rolled laps for excellent watertight integrity.
  • The waterproofing layer has a mineral free surface which reduces the risk of blockages.

Inverted Roof Solutions 

  • For inverted roof applications, including green roofs and podia, Alumasc’s BluRoof monolithic membrane forms the waterproofing layer upon which Alumasc insulation, BluRoof separation layer, BluRoof VF50 void former and surface finish are applied.

Non-Insulated Solutions

  • For buried (non-insulated) systems such as podium applications, Alumasc’s BluRoof monolithic membrane provides a self-healing waterproofing solution that is free from laps.
  • The BluRoof VF50 void former and surfacing are then applied, as with the inverted roof solution.

Green Roof Solutions

  • A root-resistant version of the BluRoof bituminous membrane is available for compatibility with Alumasc’s Blackdown green roof systems.

Harmer BluRoof Drainage Outlet

  • Harmer BluRoof Outlets restrict the maximum permissible discharge of stormwater by the inclusion of a restriction device that is removable for maintenance and adaptable to future climate change.

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Request your free sample pack:




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