Harmer Detail Roof Outlets

Detail Roof Outlets


Harmer Detail roof outlets cover awkward detailing situations with a range that includes balcony, gulley and car park outlets and two way outlets used where the roof surface abuts a wall or parapet.


Applications, Materials & Installation

  • Harmer Two-way outlets area for connection to pipework through a parapet
  • Balcony outlets are for use in areas of pedestrian access and Gulley outlets are for narrow gutter and gulley drainage situations
  • Car park outlets are available to meet drainage requirements in multi-level car park and utility areas
  • Horizontal and 45 degree discharge outlets are available for flat roof applications

Materials & Finishes

  • Harmer Detail outlets are precision cast in aluminium silicon alloy LM6 to BSEN 1559:1997. Aluminium is 100% recyclable 
  • The life expectancy of aluminium is 40 years (rural/suburban areas) and up to 25 years (industrial/marine areas)
  • The Harmer Detail outlet body (fully concealed after installation) is supplied in mill finish aluminium. They are also available in a gunmetal specification used to connect to copper pipework and for copper or lead-clad roofs
  • The Detail outlet grate is polyester powder coated in blue; the clamping collar is coated in yellow 

Installation & Maintenance

  • Harmer Detail outlets are easy to handle and fix, and connect to all standard sizes of pipework
  • Minimal routine maintenance is required


How many roof outlets does my roof need?

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